Painted a Kawasaki 550 Cafe Racer

I did the paint for Martijn’s Kawasaki 550 Cafe Racer. He put everything back together and was very happy with the result.

Kawasaki GPZ 550 Fuel Tank

Yesterday, I finished Peter’s fuel tank and side covers. He couldn’t wait to put everything back on his bike.

Fitting the Cobra body to the chassis

Last week we tried to fit the body to the chassis. We’re almost there, but we still have to cut a fair amount out of it in order to get it fitted.


VW Polo bonnet Lace & Flakes paint job

Due to peeling lacquer I had to respray the bonnet of my girlfriends VW Polo.  I decided to do something special with it. Lace & Flakes.

Baja Bug

When I was in the Uk I helped Kornish Kustoms while they were working on a totally custom Baja Bug with the biggest available tyres in the UK. Most of the work involved prepping for paint but also all sorts of fabrication work.

Full respray Mk4 Golf

I recently finished a full respray of my Mk4 golf. Debadged it, removed the indicators from the front wings, removed the aerial from the roof and removed de locks out of the door handles. I also installed Mk5 look wing mirrors and repaired some dents.


Debadging tailgate

I’ve done some rust repair on the tailgate of my Mk4. While working on that I also debadged it. These are some of the pictures I took.


Quarter panel replacement Mazda 3

I helped a lecturer to replace the rear quarter panel on his Mazda 3. The car was placed on a jig to straighten the inner wing. Both bumpers needed replacement too. A new quarter panel was fitted by spot-welding, MIG-welding and glueing. I helped with all this and with the preparation work for paint.


Audi A4 front wing repair

In September 2011 I started a course in Automotive body repair.
I’ve been working on an Audi A4 which had a damaged front wing.
I did all the preparation work, including primer.