Painted a Kawasaki 550 Cafe Racer

I did the paint for Martijn’s Kawasaki 550 Cafe Racer. He put everything back together and was very happy with the result.

VW Polo bonnet Lace & Flakes paint job

Due to peeling lacquer I had to respray the bonnet of my girlfriends VW Polo.  I decided to do something special with it. Lace & Flakes.

Full respray Mk4 Golf

I recently finished a full respray of my Mk4 golf. Debadged it, removed the indicators from the front wings, removed the aerial from the roof and removed de locks out of the door handles. I also installed Mk5 look wing mirrors and repaired some dents.


Quarter panel replacement Mazda 3

I helped a lecturer to replace the rear quarter panel on his Mazda 3. The car was placed on a jig to straighten the inner wing. Both bumpers needed replacement too. A new quarter panel was fitted by spot-welding, MIG-welding and glueing. I helped with all this and with the preparation work for paint.


Audi A4 front wing repair

In September 2011 I started a course in Automotive body repair.
I’ve been working on an Audi A4 which had a damaged front wing.
I did all the preparation work, including primer.


Replacing the window mechanism for the updated version

I replaced the window mechanism on both sides of the car. The left one was completely stuck in the driving motor. The right one was replaced before any trouble.