1979 VW Type 2 page

This bus came up for sale in 2005 at the dutch ebay (marktplaats) and although I was in the middle of rebuilding my house I decided to go and have a look. I liked it from the start. It was very solid and the 1600 engine was running nice so I made the deal. There was no camper interior in it anymore, just a bed. It came in very handy with getting stuff from the D.I.Y. shop and the Ikea. After the house was ready to live in I had to do something about the ride height. I went for the red9design EZ rider kit because there is no welding necessary in order to install it. I did a few small things because we were planning to go to France with it in 2006. This was a great trip. We took all the B roads and travelled about 3500 kilometres without problems. But after that trip it became clear that 50 bhp is just not enough to climb some hills with a big box on wheels. So I decided I needed a bigger engine. Looking into different options a type 4 engine suited my expectations the best. I bought 2 type 4 engines and took them apart to rebuilt them to one 2056 cc. With the engine tin being to damaged and rusted I changed my original plan for stock cooling to Porsche cooling. All the machining (new crack free cylinder heads with bigger valves) was done by beetspeed. The exhaust was made by turbo thomas and was based on the CSP python exhaust. I had to deal with some health problems, so it took a lot longer before it was finished than the original plan. I fired it up recently and it ran really smooth.

Owner Richard
Engine 2056cc CJ type 4, Balanced crankshaft, 228 mm flywheel and connection rods, Web 86 camshaft (270◦), Forged JE Pistons, Dellorto DRLA 40carburettors, Klaus Porsche cooling, CSP bellcranklinkage, BAS oil thermostat, TDE oil cooler,Pierburg electric fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, CSP breathing box, braided fuel and oil lines, Turbo Thomas custom exhaust
Chassis 7 x 16” (ET45) Audi A6s with LC9Z centres and polished lips, 205/55 R16 Dunlop SP9000 and Eagle NTC 5 tyres, Red9 design EZrider kit front with Spax adjustable coilovers, Red9 design spring plates with Spax adjustable dampers,EMPI gearshift coupling, Machine 7 X-drilled brake rotors, braided hoses all around
Outside Clear front indicator lenses, Us spec rear clusters, tinted rear windows
Inside Bug-tech shifter, Scheel driver’s seat, Porsche 944 passenger seat

Future plans:
MOT. Nice camper interior. Have fun with it.

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